Pirate Treasure for a Pirate's Life
Crossbones: Kickstarter Edition Game

A pirate's life adventure tale...
Gameplay Overview:

In this swashbuckling adventure game. players take on the role of pirate captains that race against each other to become the first and most infamous pirate to complete a tale of piracy on the high seas. Pirate captains advance through the adventure by a rolling a variety of dice to complete a series of narrated event challenges or by seeking any tactical opportunities to plunder.

Throughout the adventure, Captains may navigate their ship to explore for cargo and/or plunder for booty to boost their reputation and crew morale... yet, a limited supply of rum and cannonballs will require each captain to manage their progress and piracy accordingly to maintain a tactical range of attack or defense in their movement. And, like any good pirate adventure, Captains may just find something more than other seafaring souls cursing the waters... so, keep a weather eye on the horizon an' beware the trance of mermaids or Kraken attacks.

Now... ready yer sails... man yer cannons... an' ne'er give up the hunt fer treasure!


Ready yer yer' ne'er give up the hunt fer treasure!
~ Coming to soon.. ~

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